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Why does poor car maintenance cause Accidents

Why does poor car maintenance cause Accidents

Every year statistics show that approximately 2million people die or get injured every year in the US alone. There may be numerous causes for a vehicle crash, like weather, negligent drivers, poor road maintenance. But in some cases, usage of fake auto parts or improper installation of any equipment can put the driver and his passengers at risk. Some of these scenarios include negligent drivers who neglect regular maintenance or to replace faulty auto spare parts. 

Regular Maintenance

It is essential for vehicle owners to take their cars for regular inspection and maintenance, or else they may be held accountable for collisions that are the result of regular upkeep of the car. For instance, a tyre that have a worn-out tread can lead the driver to slide on ice or snow and hit another vehicle or pedestrian. A tyre blow out can result in the driver losing control and sending his car bolting into the oncoming traffic.

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A few common examples of issues that can cause a car failure.

Insufficient Tyre Pressure

Worn-Out Brake Pads

Overdue in Oil Change

Engine Breakdown

Worn out tyres.

Low brake fluid

Faulty Auto Parts


Broken headlights or taillights

Ensuring that all vehicle lights are working before driving at night is important for a driver to be able to see. If brake lights are not working, it could be a danger to other drivers because unaware that a car has stopped another car could slam into the back of the car. The same goes with dirty headlamps.


Manufacturer Defects

In some instances, a defective auto part can result in an engine or brake failure, which can be fatal. Automobile manufacturers may be held accountable for injuries caused due to a faulty spare part. Likewise, a defective seat belt or airbag can fail to protect occupants involved in an accident.


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