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3 Things That Can Void Your New Car Warranty.

3 Things That Can Void Your New Car Warranty.

Nobody in the right sense would want to have their car warranty voided. Yet there are many who end up doing exactly that leaving the owner to foot the bill. So, what are the most common activities that can void your new car warranty?

A new car warranty is an agreement between the car manufacturer and the buyer. It outlines the terms and conditions on which the manufacturer would replace a certain auto part in UAE or guarantee to conduct a service. It also outlines the conditions on which the agreement would go void. Here are some pointers for you to note. 

Use the Fluids Recommended by the Car Maker

Car manufacturers spend millions to determine the fluids (be it fuel or engine oils) that would provide maximum performance and longevity. Using the wrong fluid for your car may void your warranty. Hence it is important to go through the manual and warranty card to know in detail about the fluids that should be used.   

Save the Receipts. 

Save all the receipts related to any maintanance work done at facilities other than the authorised one. At times, some new buyers don’t return to the dealer for servicing. They rely on facilities that offer them a quick deal and they often forget to save these reciepts. But the issue arises when the owners must file a warranty claim. No reciepts no warranty. This is the one major benefit of going to authorised facilities and dealers when the car is under warranty.

Don’t Go for Unconventional Tyre/ Wheel Combinations.

It is considered extremely trendy to install after market wheels and tyres or to alter suspension using extreme lift or lower kits. But these significantly alter the vehicle platform including conventional alignment angles, vehicle undercarriage components, and drivetrain components such as axle bearings (due to the extreme offset of the wheel hub on some wheels). Such modifications regularly cause issues in steering, suspension, and drivetrain. When the warranty is submitted for a claim, the manufacturer will scrutinize the modifications; and if the failure is due to any unwarranted installation, the claim is usually denied




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