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Are You Using the Right Spare Parts for Your Car?

Are You Using the Right Spare Parts for Your Car?

When the time comes to get your car repaired, fixed, or even just maintained, do you know if your mechanic is replacing it with a genuine auto part from UAE. Are you sure if they are using generic car parts instead of branded ones and showing you an inflated bill?

Very few car owners keep tabs on the parts that are being used on their cars. Many would leave it up to their mechanic to decide and prefer to get a low-cost bill at the end. Here are a few benefits on why you should opt for branded spare parts instead of generic ones even if it might cost you a bit but will save a huge amount in the long run.

Matches Your Vehicles Specifications

Different manufacturers design their cars differently and thus have different specifications for their parts. To build these parts, car manufacturers choose a suitable auto spare parts manufacturer and verify their product based on the specifications as a genuine part of their car. 

Thus, it is especially important to source the spare parts from the original manufacturer because it can ideally meet your cars specifications and needs when in need of a replacement.

Correctly Fits Your Car

Genuine spare parts are manufactured based on the design specifications of the car manufacturer. Thus, there is a guarantee that it will fit your car better and will not need a replacement.

Replacement Guarantee

Spare parts from the original manufacturers comes with a guarantee of 12 to 24 months depending on the brand. So, in case the spare parts you receive in UAE is faulty by any chance it would be replacement without any loss of money.


 Although Branded spares parts can be notoriously more expensive than generic parts it can be cost-effective in the long run. Also, the safety of you and your passengers are in safe hands.


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