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5 Things You are Doing to Your Car that Mechanics Would not

5 Things You are Doing to Your Car that Mechanics Would not

You may not have second thoughts on many of your habits relating to the use and care of your vehicle. From the standpoint of a mechanic, some of these ‘mindless behaviours wreak wear and tear on your car that might be unexpected.  They are totally different from what should not do to your car. Avoiding such behaviours will increase the life of your car.

Aggressively starting and stopping your car

Movies often have glamourous depiction of actors slamming on the accelerator and peeling out onto the road, but this is not good for your car or the spare parts that you have brought from UAE. Neither is braking suddenly. Although certain circumstances cannot prevent you from doing so, you should avoid doing it on purpose.

Moreover, slamming on the brakes regularly can wear out the brakes.

Usage of Fuel with Wrong Octane Rating

Often people know that using diesel in a petrol car is dangerous- but the same happens different octane rating of fuel too. Vehicles are designed to use a specific grade of gas especially for high-performance vehicles. This can bring down their performance tremendously. On the other hand, using high grade fuel into a vehicle that run on regular gas will not cause harm, but there is no reason to do it. This is because the increase in performance is only a perceived on rather than a reality.

Neglecting Cleaning

Most people ignore cleaning their vehicle let alone the interiors. But this neglect can cost them dear. The paint and metal surfaces can cause rust if you are regularly letting dirt to build up.

And bear in mind that even though most do the washing of exterior, the under carriage is often neglected. The under carriage should receive a good wash at least once a every 4 months to remove debris or chemicals from piling up that can speed up corrosion and ultimately result in rust holes.

It is also important to clean your car especially during weather changes. Another advantage of keeping the car in good condition is that it can be more sellable.

Driving Full- Throttle

Although letting your engine to warm up is an old method applicable to carbureted engines. But even the modern engine should be given time to warm up i.e it should not be given full throttle i.e faster acceleration.

Aggressively Shifting Gears

We have already discussed how aggressively starting the car and slamming the brakes are impact on the long life of your car. The same applies for shifting gears suddenly and then immediately trying to get the car moving again. Although this seems to be advantageous when you are in a hurry, but many mechanics advise you against this. Hence ensure that your car is at a complete halt before changing gears. And if your car is always trembling while starting or stopping, that could be the sign that your car is about to stop working.

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