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What is a Car Tune-up Exactly?

What is a Car Tune-up Exactly?

Irrespective of brand or age, every car needs routine tune-ups. Their behind-the-door nature means some drivers miss the whole point, but dedicating time towards preventative measures and routine checkups can save you future troubles. Here’s what happens during an average tune-up.

General Tune-up Procedures

Tune-up differs depending on the car and the mechanic behind the tune-up. Usually, it consists of checking parts of the engine that require cleaning, fixing, or replacing. 

Common areas under investigation include filters, spark plugs, belts and hoses, car fluids, rotors, and distributor caps. A majority of these require only a visual survey or a simple test. Although some of these checks can be done at home, having professionals offer your car extensive tune-up guarantees that the engine is fully examined.

At a trusted auto spare parts dealership in the UAE tune-ups can also include analyzing exhaust emission, adjusting ignition timing and idle speed control and an extensive maintenance inspection.

Filters and Spark Plugs

Though tune-ups come in an array of flavors, they generally always include filters and spark plugs. Fuel filters, oil filters, PVC valves (which help ventilate the engine), and air filters all aid in maintaining the engine clean. The filters get contaminated over time. It can be clogged as unclean fluids, air, dust, and other impurities get caught in the filters.

If left unnoticed, dirty filters can result in higher oil pressure, fuel pump failure, and many other expensive and irritating problems. 

Spark plugs are the small electrodes that handle the “combustion” portion of an internal combustion engine. They are subjected to wear and tear, as the metal is under constant high pressure and temperatures. Often the reason behind rough idling and hard starts are worn-out spark plugs. Their accompanying wires, rotors, and distributor caps can also undergo wear out, and a good tune-up includes their inspection.

When to Get a Tune-Up

Although tune-ups are crucial, most cars don’t need them as often as they require other maintenance jobs like oil changes. If your car is ancient as 1970 you should probably get a tune-up every 10,000 miles. Latest cars need to be checked every 30,000- 50,000 miles or so, despite some manufacturers recommending a 100,000-mile interval.



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