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4 Types of Maintenance for You to Do Every Year

4 Types of Maintenance for You to Do Every Year

Regular maintenance of your car helps you take notice of small problems early on fix them without escalating to an advanced or pricey type of maintenance. Any signs of shaking, or odd smells or weird sounds from the engine, or brakes or any other parts of the vehicle requires immediate attention. Unusual smells coming from your car may be the sign of any issue with your car. So, Troubleshoot unusual smells from car.

At times there might not be any physical indication of anything gone wrong but regular maintenance checks would find anything out of place and help you keep you from shelling out big money on repairs.

Here is a list of 4 types of maintenance that you should be considering annually.

Timing Belt Inspection:

The timing belt of your car plays a crucial role in the smooth functioning of your engine. It is responsible in regulating pistons and camshaft so that crucial components in your engine don’t collide with each other and cause unwanted friction.

When the timing belt stops working, grinding and friction can lead to big replacements for your engine.

Your timing belt should be replaced every 60,000 km, but even if you don’t replace it every year, regular maintenance would make sure it works in prime condition or if it requires urgent replacement.

Oil Change

An oil change is essential to keep your engine up and running. Muddy or thick oil will spoil the components and prevent a smooth working.  Hence it is extremely important to change your oil every 3000 to 10000 km depending on the advice of your mechanic. 

You can also check for your oil levels at home there are many DIY tutorials available on YouTube.

Battery Check: 

Battery tells a lot about the health of your vehicle. If your battery is working like new, but is experiencing starting troubles, or maintaining a charge during use, the trouble would be with your starting or charging system. If the battery is not working you can get it replaced. 

An expert mechanic will also check for leaks, buildup and other related issues which might be causing the battery to act ineffectively. Sometimes, something, as minor as a buildup on the contacts might prevent it from working. A slight cleaning by your mechanic or minor adjustments can bring back your vehicle to its prime soon.

Tyre Alignment

Over time the alignment of your vehicle can change and could cause problems with your steering. Whenever your tyres are replaced, you should make sure to have an alignment done to ensure that everything is sitting properly on your vehicle. Also, rotate your tyres regularly so that the tread wears evenly on both sides, to help for a smooth drive.


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