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How to Troubleshoot Unusual Smells Coming from Your Car’s Engine

How to Troubleshoot Unusual Smells Coming from Your Car’s Engine

Cars can be your loyal friend, given proper care and service. Although regular maintenance can ensure many hours on the road with minimal problems, not every car problems can be detected during service checkups. For that you should keep a keen note on anything strange with your vehicle since it might indicate any serious issue and get it replaced with auto parts from trusted auto parts dealer in Sharjah. These can be anything from noises to unusual odours.  Here are some car odours that might indicate an issue with your car.

  1. Burnt Rubber

    If you get a smell of burnt rubber, try to examine into all the rubber parts of your car. In most instances this could be due to frictions between rubber and a moving metal part. This might be due to a slipped belt or a loose hose from the cooling or power steering system.

  2. Hot Oil

    While driving oil heats up, but as it is in an enclosed system, usually you would not come across such smells. If you by any chance you do, you should know that there is a leakage in the oil circulation system, and it could be dropping on a hot part such as the exhaust system.The next course of action is to take your car to a trusted garage in Sharjah to be inspected and have the issue fixed as soon as possible. If left unchecked, low oil levels could damage your engine.

  3. Fuel

    Smells of fuel while driving means that there is a leakage in the fuel system. The leakage could either be in the fuel injector or fuel tank. If so, get it checked immediately.

  4. Burnt Carpet

    This smell might indicate that your brake pads or rotors are overheating. Note that any issue with your brakes require immediate attention to avert any major hazard.

  5. Syrup

    Although sweet smelling it might indicate an engine coolant leakage. A leakage in the cooling system can lead to overheating of your engine. Also be cautious while opening the radiator when it is too hot to avoid serious burns.  

  6. Rotten Eggs

    This smell shows issues with the catalytic convertor. The function of a catalytic convertor is to convert various gases coming from the engine into a form that can be released, and any odour from this indicates that it is not functioning properly. In some instances, it can also be an indication that the engine has an issue that is overwhelming the catalytic converter.


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