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Things to Do Before You Drive.

Things to Do Before You Drive.

Do you consider your car as a family member? Do you take enough care of it? Even if it not so close to your heart it is essential to give priority to your car for the sake of your safety. Here are some tips to take care of before you take out your car for a drive.

1.      Changing a Tyre 

Suppose you are driving down a road or highway, and out of the blue, you run over a nail. Instead of worrying about what to do next, you can replace the tyre all by yourself if you know-how. You can buy the tyre from the nearest auto spare parts dealer in Sharjah.   

All it needs is a set of tools. There are plenty of YouTube tutorials available online. Next time there is a flat tyre, just wrench out your tools and start working.

If planning for a long journey replace it if your tyres are worn down.

2.      Check the Fluid Levels

In order to avert any accident, check the oil and other fluid levels such as that of the coolant and brake fluid before you even think about your next trip.

3.      Replace Oil

Replace oil regularly. It is also equally important to replace the oil filter at the same time. And check your car’s air filter.

4.      Examine Headlights

Ascertain the functioning of lights and signals of your car. Check your headlights for clear vision.

5.      Carry Important Equipment

A spare tyre, a map, a fully charged mobile phone and other emergency tools such as flashlight screwdriver, plier and adjustable spanner is also another set of important tools that should be taken care of.

Make sure that you follow these steps before you stop and drive the next time. Happy Journey!




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