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Odours and Smells in the Car that you Should not Ignore

Odours and Smells in the Car that you Should not Ignore

You smell something in your car but exactly not sure what causes it –it is not a good sign. It is an indicator that something is wrong. Here are some common car smells and what to do if you pick it up.


1.      If Your Car Reek of Rotten Eggs

Possible Reason: Catalytic Converter

A smell of sulphur could point to an imbalance in your engine’s air-fuel ration. With fuel-injection problems, the unburned fuel can clog your catalytic convertor, and the exhaust won’t have an out let to pass through. The ultimate outcome is that your car won’t run.

Plan of Action: Ask your mechanic to have a look so that you could save the catalytic convertor if you notice the problems early enough.

2.      If your car smell of Mold or Mildew

Possible Reason: Air Conditioning

Air conditioning works by pulling moisture from the air; the drawn in moisture goes into a box behind the dashboard, which has an outlet. Usually, leaves or papers can go up to the box and clog the drain.

The standing water will over time get moldy, which can cost you dearly to repair (Moreover, the water will leak onto the car and floor mats). Mold breeding moisture can also grow in your duct system unless you regularly run you’re A/C.

Plan of Action: If you sniff mold, have a mechanic examine it. To prevent moisture build-up, run your A/C every month or two even for a few minutes. This helps in lubricating oil seals and bearings in the compressor, which will make it long-lasting.

3.      If Your Car Smells Like A Fruit Candy Or Maple Syrup

Possible Reason: Coolant

A sweet fruit candy smell from your engine is probably coolant escaping from the cooling system, which indicates a leak. This could damage your car, including car overheat.

Plan of Action: If there is any coolant leakage, you could cause serious engine damage by driving. If so have your vehicle towed to the nearest auto spare parts dealer in UAE.

4.      If your Car Smells like Acrid Smoke or Burning Oil

Possible Reason: Oil Leak

An oil leak is a serious issue primarily for two reasons. First, if it hits the exhaust, it could lead to a fire. Furthermore, a low oil level could damage the engine. Even after an oil change, if you still notice smell, the leak might be caused by a loose drain plug or filter that wasn’t properly fitted in-or an oil cap that is loose.

An oil leak from a bad gasket or seal can create problems, such as oil dripping on the timing belt or the crankshaft seal.

Both ways, it is not something to dismiss.

Plan of Action: Revisit your mechanic and have the oil level checked.





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