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The Pre Long Drive Car Checklist

The Pre Long Drive Car Checklist


After the pandemic do you plan to take a long road trip? Months of being cooped up inside your home has many wanting to go for one.  But before you start out it is essential to be prepared for your car ride. Here is a pre-road trip checklist to have smooth drive.

1.      Ensure the Readiness of Your Tyre

The most common misfortune on a road trip is a flat tyre. This is why it is essential to get your tyres checked properly before starting out on a long trip. If the tyres are weary, get them changed so that they won’t cause troubles for while driving. If you are planning to head to the mountains it would be a smart idea to get it replaced.

2.      Check the lights and battery

Together with the tyres, ensure that you get your headlights and battery examined carefully, if your trip is to the mountains or driving after dark. Depending on your stopping place and the route of travel, get the air condition and heating system of your car services to rule out of any inconvenience on your journey.

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3.      Finish Your Service a Week Before the Trip

Even if you maintain your vehicle with the utmost care, it is always a smart idea to get your car service by your trusted garage in Sharjah and get your auto spare parts get serviced. Also remember to replace your engine oil, coolant and oil filter before you leave.  

4.      Keep Your Spares And Tool Kit Closer

The basic rule for car trips is to pack light and carry heavy spares. Build a checklist of all spares you might require on the trip and make sure to take them with you. Having a spares tyre, a repair kit and tools will come in handy in case you get stranded on the middle of nowhere.





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