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Best Advice for First Time Second-Hand Car Buyers.

Best Advice for First Time Second-Hand Car Buyers.

Authentic car spare parts in Sharjah are a big concern for a majority of young car owners globally. But with the surge in the development of the automobile market, many companies have started to manufacture duplicate spare parts along with the original spare parts. This has brought down the quality to a near inferior level.

Most owners search for genuine car parts online as well as offline. Here are a few tips for first-time buyers opting for a second-hand car.

Find the defective spare part

Soon after buying a secondhanded car, a buyer should spot a defective part either by himself or seek help and advise from a seasoned mechanic. He can suggest alternatives if it is critical to replace an auto part.

Search for a proper deal on a reliable site or merchant

There are many websites selling spare auto parts online. A deal should be finalized only after proper research. Take ample time to visit many sites and check for the availability of branded spare parts. Also, it is important to check if the spare part meets the specified requirements and configurations.

Bear in mind to go through the product review and the testimonials of the dealer before placing the order. Compare the price of the spare part on several websites and check for discounts. It is always advisable to avoid purchasing anything from the e-commerce websites that sell spare parts at very low prices.

Availability of choice on a site is a good indicator about its reputation and reliability. Such dealers would be the ideal choice for buying auto spare parts in UAE.


Pick a Brand Wisely

Picking a reputed auto spare part brand can be tricky. In many instances, spare part brands do not go hand in hand with the brand of the automobile. While checking with the dealer you can check using an auto brand’s name along with the model of choice, year of manufacture. If you can get the same spare part from a different brand, try to know more about it. The best option would be to visit its website and check the customer reviews and testimonials for any possible red flags.

Check the Payment Procedure

With e-commerce websites there are several convenient options to the customers with the payment procedure. Before placing the order for the spare part, you should check the transparency of the payment method.

If there is an availability of an EMI option, you should talk to the admin and know in detail about the terms and conditions related to such payments.

Payment safety is vital while buying spare parts online and hence you should choose a reliable site to enjoy this convenience.

Check the Return Policy and Warranty Period

Often you may have to return a spare part if the part does not fit your requirement or has a defect. Hence it is important to know more about the return policy. Generally, many e-commerce websites offer a time window of 10-15 days for the customers to return the product.


Although buying spare parts online is a simple process it requires due diligence. Doing your research about the purchase dealer and the product is essential to avoid any unfavorable circumstance.

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