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Common Misconceptions About Buying Auto Parts Online.

Common Misconceptions About Buying Auto Parts Online.

Although most people are buying auto spare parts from online stores in Dubai there is no scarcity for myths when it comes to making an online purchase. Here we bust some common myths about buying auto spare parts online.

Myth #1: Online products are of low quality compared to OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Parts

Although the manufacturers might say differently, the auto spare parts bought online are not less to the original parts. Time and again the vehicle manufacturers source the auto parts from various suppliers and sell under a single brand name.

So, it is highly probable that the auto spare parts sold online are also made by the same manufacturer, who also supplies to the car maker. If it is an uncommon manufacturer, it does not mean that his products are inferior to the OEM parts. On the contrary, if you choose to buy these parts from an online store, you could get the same product for much cheaper price.


Myth #2: The Warranty Is Nullified If an Aftermarket Part is Installed.

Many countries have laws that protects customers from the threat of warranty cancellation by manufacturers. These laws are very clear that the warranty of a part does not become void in the event of replacement of such parts.

Thus, the validity of the warranty is independent of the parts supplied by the authorised sellers or manufacturers.

Myth # 3: Service centres or repair shops will refuse to install parts bought online

Contrary to popular belief most service centres and repair shops will install the parts purchased online. Despite installing such parts are at the cost of earning some extra profit, most service centres are mindful of their customer’s changed outlook. At the same time, it would be advisable to check with service centres in advance whether they have any inhibitions regarding installing parts bought online.

Myth #4: Do not purchase remanufactured, repaired or used parts

Many a time, brand new parts many are not readily available. In such instances the only way is to choose used, remade or repaired parts.

These parts may not be new, but disassembled, cleaned, and tuned to function like new. They are also offered along with warranty. This could be the option if you are looking for a part of a vintage car out of production currently.

Myth #5: For online purchases there are no bargaining

With an online purchase it is easy to compare with different vendors. For example, prices for Bridgestone tyres are quoted high by a particular seller but could be easily bought at a much cheaper price elsewhere.





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