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Bad Driving Habits That Can Destroy Your Transmission

Bad Driving Habits That Can Destroy Your Transmission

Every single person who drives can concede that they do not have the best of driving habits. May be you hesitate while changing lanes. Maybe you rush or even worse do things that are bad for your transmission. Changing your driving habits overnight can be difficult, but knowing what not to do is a step in the right direction. Just by being a little more careful can influence you transmission and your vehicle in general.

Your Gear Shifter is not your Hand rest

A common mistake done by many is to rest their hand or their arm on the gear shifter. While this may be brushed of as something silly, it can be actually harmful as it can cause excess wear and tear and consequently, your transmission. The weight of your hand can cause extra pressure and cause damage on the internal parts of the shifter. So while driving, keep both hands on the wheel at all times. This small change can not only protect your transmission, but it champions for safe driving too.

Allowing Your Vehicle to Overheat

It is common for vehicles to overheat. This might be due to many reasons such as low coolant or extreme temperatures outside. But it can be a serious issue if you keep driving while it’s overheating. As a matter of fact, each time a vehicle heats above 200degrees, the transmission is subjected to excess wear and tear. The hotter the vehicle goes and the longer the temperature sustains, the worse it is for transmission. 

Your Clutch Pedal is not your Foot Rest

It is not uncommon for people to rest at the wrong places. Often drivers get too relaxed and place their feet to rest on the clutch pedal, which can be damaging. Resting on the clutch causes clutch disengagement, slipping, and increased wear and tear on both the clutch and the transmission. Always remember to place your le on to the clutch pedal only when necessary for shifting gears.

Don’t Allow Fluid Level to Get Too Low

Transmissions require correct fluid levels and regular fluid changes to function at their optimum capacity and efficiency level. The levels not only relate to your transmission fluid but also your gasoline.

If you frequently allow the fluid levels to get too low, you will damage your transmission by not giving it ample temperature and lubrication that is needed for it to work safely. A professional car spare parts dealer in UAE can advise you how often your fluid needs replacement and get you to set up a regular schedule of maintenance that will help your vehicle throughout its life time.  


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