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Why Do Car Batteries Die?

Why Do Car Batteries Die?

Your car battery handles three important functions: Starting, lighting, and ignition. Once your car battery ignites the engine, the alternator charges the battery so that it is recharged and ready to go next time you start the engine. If you have difficulty in starting, which can be frustrating, especially if the reasons are not known. The following can be one of the reasons.

Expiration Date

Every battery has an expiry date. These can be understood from the warranty card received from your trusted auto parts dealer in UAE. The average life to a car battery is three to five years. If you are located to a cold winter-prone area, it will have an even shorter life span. Hence keep an eye on your battery every year and look for early warning signs. Don’t forget to test your battery regularly.

Another factor that effects battery life is the time unused. As the duration between drives increases, less likely the battery is going to start up your car. Car batteries are charged by the alternator while the car is running. If by any chance you are not able to drive for a while, it is better to invest in a battery tender. It acts as a charging mechanism for your battery, ensuring it is fully charged without overcharging.

Time and cold weather is something out of your control. But by paying close attention, you can be prepared for the worst and reduce chances of it happening at unexpected times.        


Battery acid is corrosive and one of the reasons that result in battery deaths is corrosion at the connections. The battery terminals are the points where the battery is charged by your alternator. If the connection is clogged up, your alternator may not be able to recharge your battery.  

Blue or green growths hanging off the battery terminals is an indication that your battery has been damaged by corrosion. It might also resemble a thin white powdery substance like dandruff. By wiping off a dry rag to wipe away dirt and grime you can increase the life of your battery and your battery will have an easier time charging.

Human Error And Batteries

It is not uncommon to leave our headlights on thereby damaging battery. This also extends to digital navigation systems and displays. On top of it, people charging their phones, tablets, computers, and mobile entertainment centers on the go have overtaxed the battery system.

A little diligence can save you a lot of money here. Ensure to switch off your headlights and give the battery a break when you can by unplugging your charging cables.

 Be Prepared

Finally, the best thing you can do is to regularly pay attention to the warning signals from your battery. Portable jump start units are inexpensive can be a life saver during cold weather. A little trick and diligence will pay off at the end.



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