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5 Instances that you should Visit an Auto Repair Shop.

5 Instances that you should Visit an Auto Repair Shop.

Cars have turned smart, more and more automakers are into electric vehicles and autonomous driving, and what not. While it can mostly give you an indication when it runs into trouble with the engine lights and other dashboard indicators, a smart car owners would recognize it before it arises. If you come across any of the following issues reach out to your local auto spare parts dealer in UAE for additional help and repairs.

Fluid Leaks

If you see a pool of something collecting underneath your vehicle it is time for a visit to your dealer. Commonly found leaks are coolant, oil and transmission fluid. It can also be from the power steering system, or brake system.

Weird Noises

Weird noises from your car are another issue that can arise. This can be grinding noise when you try braking your vehicle, which indicate worn brake pads, or a screeching noise from the transmission, which may mean it is low on transmission fluid or is agonized by worn needle bearings.

Strange Smells

If there is a persisting odor in your car, you may want to visit your auto shop, as this might indicate a serious issue.

A maple syrup smell might be a cooling system issue, while a smell of dirty laundry may be a signal for mould growth in the AC or heater vents. On the another hand a bitter burning smell means that the clutch is weary and needs to be replaced from an auto spare parts in UAE.

Odd Vibrations

If you feel your car shivering while driving like it suffers from a fever it is highly possible that your car needs servicing. A vibrating brake pedal might mean warped rotors. If the gas pedal is the one that shakes then there could be an exhaust leak. If the steering wheel is one that refuses to stay still it could be a wheel alignment problem or an issue with the power steering system.

Dashboard Indicator Light

Any dashboard indicator light such as the check engine light, ABS light, battery light, TPMS light  or any such issue comes up it is important that you visit an auto repair shop for further assistance and diagnostics because these indicate are a clear sign of trouble.


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