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Tips to turn your car green

Tips to turn your car green

Every car generates greenhouse gases. If you want to reduce the impact your car is making on the environment as well as on your pocket. Here are a few tips. 

  1. Get Regular Checkups

    Making sure that all the auto parts uae is finely tuned will help it run more efficiently, and thus reduce emissions as well as money. Regularly changing oil also makes a huge difference in maintaining a smooth running and greener engine. Schedule an oil change with your auto parts service centre every 500km.

  2. Tyres Examined

    Tyre pressure should be checked monthly especially during summer. Flatter tyres put on rolling resistance making it hard for the tyres to bear the weight and even harder for the engines to work. Optimal pressure for the tyres are essential for safe driving as well as good fuel mileage. Also, it is safer and lasts longer.

  3. Get the Emissions System Checked

    The emission system of the car keeps the engine running smoothly in different driving conditions. Any issues with it will generally switch on your check engine light on your dashboard. Such issues should be fixed immediately so as to not keep the environment from being polluting.

  4. Fuel System

    Fuel system ensures optimal distribution of fuel as well as reduced emissions. Hence any whiff of fuel means a check by your mechanic. Fuel filters should be changed every two years and flush the fuel injectors once every 30,000km. A car running on an efficient fuel system means a greener car as well as economically efficient one.

  5. Always Drive Smart

    How efficiently you drive also determine the greenness of your vehicle. Avoid sudden acceleration, braking, and other aggressive driving. Slow down at the red signal: so that you can avoid starting from a dead stop. Also ensure a steady pace without irregular speeding and slowing down.
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