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Thinking what to do with your old Cars?

Thinking what to do with your old Cars?


If you have a scrap car rusting in your garage, you might be musing what to do with it. Sometimes repairing cost surpasses the car’s market value, so repairing your car is not recommended. At this stage, scrapping can be the best solution. This is what most folks go for.

Scrapping is the coolest way to deal with your old car and getting rid of it in exchange for a worthy amount of money. But before doing it, you have to keep in mind several things to make sure that you don’t face any issues after scrapping your car.

Remove your possessions

At times we fail to take our precious belongings from the car. So when you are about to scrap your auto parts in UAE, ensure that you have removed all your possessions from it.

Take out valuable parts

Remove the parts you consider are valuable and sell them discretely so that you get the most out of your scrap vehicle. Don’t forget to remove the starter motors, battery, and entertainment systems. Even the gas tank may be worth some sufficient bucks.

Call off vehicle’s insurance

If you cancel your vehicle’s insurance, you will not require to do any repeated payments before the expiration of the policy. In the case you paid the entire coverage, you are likely to receive a refund. Therefore, canceling the vehicle’s insurance is a critical point before scrapping the vehicle.

Take away the license plates

Upon the handover of its title, removing the license plate is a legal requisite. License plates are no more useful when the vehicle is fully out of use. So make certain you have removed the license plate before scrapping.

Look for the best deals

Look around for the best dealers, as different dealers offer different deals and choose as you need without any hurry. You need to have sufficient information on the vehicle so that you identify the market rate of each car spare parts in UAE. Most of the dealers just try to get your vehicle at the lowest possible prices. Getting the price for your car from numerous automobile garages and calculating a mean accordingly is highly recommended.

Ensure your dealer is licensed

Scrap car dealers are not permitted to do trade in many areas without a license and it is an illegal act to make any deals without having the right license. Enquire online using the license number to check the dealer’s authenticity.

Do the paperwork

Many dealers don’t purchase your car without any lawful documentation. Having your vehicle title will let you hand over ownership to the dealer. In case the vehicle gets robbed before scrapping, you wouldn’t be tangled in any case investigation. People often get in trouble if the scrap vehicle is involved in any crime scenarios. So ensure to sort out all the documents of your vehicle.

Certified weight scale

The amount of money that you receive also depends on the weight of your vehicle. The more weight it comprises, the more money you pull off. However many vehicle yards use false weight scales, which results in lower prices for automobiles. So, verify that the weight scale is certified and free from faults.




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