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6 Commonly Used Car Spare Parts and their Functions

6 Commonly Used Car Spare Parts and their Functions


If you are ignorant of car parts and their roles and the main thing you think about cars is that it wants fuel to run and a car service when problems occur, then this write-up is just for you. We created the list of 6 commonly used parts of the car and explained their functions as well.





Below are the six-car parts and their purposes that we will talk over:



      Fuel Injector





Common parts of car #1Engine

An engine is the kernel of the car that consists of every type of part which lets the vehicle operate. Fuel and air are persistent into the motor’s cylinders where ignition occurs, triggering fast extension of the gases as heat which makes it mobile.

Spare parts of car #2 - Brakes

Brakes are one of its most prominent security features and come in two categories- drum brakes or disc brakes. Drum brakes use shoes that push out to contact a rotating chamber called a drum. Disc brakes employ a turning plate, which is pressed between brake pads installed on calipers to slow down the car.

Drum brakes are usually deployed on the rear tyres whereas the disc brakes are existing in the front tyres. When you hear noise from the brake pads, it may be the ultimate time to decide for car service to get new brake pads.

Common parts of car #3 - Fuel Injector

This small part proceeds the fuel from the fuel tank into the car engine. Components in the fuel injector system helps in keeping the quality of oil that goes in the engine.

Spare parts of car #4 - Clutch

The clutch is the part that helps change the car from one gear to another. While you can just view the pedal at work while you drive, these plates are beyond anyone’s capability to see and provide you with a smooth drive. If unable to do so, replace the car spare parts in UAE.

Common parts of car #5 - Transmission

The transmission’s effort is to transmit the torque and power from the engine to the wheels in several ratios of gear according to the speed of the car.

Spare parts of car #6 - Suspension

The work of this part is to keep your tyres in link with the road and attempts to reduce the effect felt in the car on inconsistent road surfaces. So, if your vehicle is bolting, you must get your suspension revamped at the car service center.




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