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3 Reasons Why You Should Never ‘Top Off’ Your Gas Tank

3 Reasons Why You Should Never ‘Top Off’ Your Gas Tank

It is a common practice by many to fill up the fuel tank to the brim to round off the dollar. According to many car experts this is a big NO. Here 3 reason on why you shouldn’t over fill your fuel tank.

1.      Damage to the Charcoal Filter

By filling the gas tank to the brink, it can either choke the evaporative system and damage something or cause a harmful leak by the excess pressure in the system. The pressure in the tank can flood the carbon filter vapour collection system. This can later affect your car performance and can cause probable damage to the engine. A carbon filter on an average costs between $200 to $1500 – let alone the cost of an entire engine.

2.      Wastage in Fuel and Money

According to a successful, car spare parts dealer in Sharjah, there is no way to fill in fuel in already full tank. Fuel stations have a vapour recovery system so that if a tank is full, the pump will revert the extra fuel you are trying to pump into your tank back into the station’s tanks. This safety measure is to ensure excess vapors will not escape into the surrounding environment. In conclusion, the fuel that you are paying for is going right back into the station and you are paying extra for nothing.

3.      Vapors Arising from Fuel is Harmful

Topping of your tank with fuel can also cause it to spill on to the ground, causing environmental pollution. If the car’s vapour recovery system is damaged, it won’t be able to effectively shield people from harmful vapours. Also, as determined by the Air Quality Index fuel spills can also cause bad ozone days.

So follow expert advice and save the extra money for you and for the environment.


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