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Top 5 Reasons behind Power Steering System Damage

Top 5 Reasons behind Power Steering System Damage

Power steering has grown to be a vital component for modern driving. It makes steering your car easier, safer, and more comfortable for you and your passengers. As it plays a critical role in safety and agility of your vehicle, it also has to be dependable. Here we discuss some major reasons behind power system damage and some tips to prevent its failure in the future.

1.      Contaminated Fluid

Power system being a hydraulic system i.e it uses the power of a force pressing down on a liquid to create motion. Such systems are capable of exerting fairly high amounts of force with little energy, making it an efficient way of controlling your car. Having said that, power system works properly only when the hydraulic fluid is clean. Unclean fluid can wear down fitting, block the steering system, increase friction, and even cause the failure of components such as your pump.  Hence for this reason you should regularly change your vehicle’s power steering fluid from any auto spare parts dealer in UAE at manufacturer recommended intervals.

2.      Improper Fluid Levels

For your power system to work efficiently, it requires a very accurate amount of fluid running through it. A level above could cause your valve and seals to collapse under pressure. A level below the fluid will not be sufficient enough to exert the required force to turn your car. Timely replacement of your fluid will help prevent this issue, but many leaks can cause a fluid depletion which will lead to a power steering failure.

3.      Broken Belts

An important component of a power steering is an engine-powered pump. Hence any stretching, fraying, corrosion or breakage can result in instant failure of the system. We would suggest having your power steering belt checked with every maintenance service, and replacing it from a trusted car spare parts dealer in UAE if it displays any signs of wear and tear.

4.      Damaged Steering Pump

Every time you drive your car steering pump is put to use. Although pumps are durable, like machines it is also subjected to eventual wear and tear. Excessive strain on a pump can lead to premature failure (i.e strain from being pushed to practical limits like spinning your steering wheel all the way to the right or left).

If you begin to observe a lot of noise when you swirl your wheel, possibility is that your pump may be on the verge of failure.  

5.      Too Much Force

Power steering can endure some less than perfect road conditions like potholes, unexpected bumps, or hard jolts against your wheels. But remember it is not invulnerable. Too much stress can break pumps, belts, and other steering system components. As a result we strongly advise against driving on rough roads, unless your vehicle is equipped with a steering pump designed to handle such pressures, such as a 4x4 vehicle or all-terrain SUV used for off-road driving.




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