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How to Prep Your Car to Sell It for the Best Price

How to Prep Your Car to Sell It for the Best Price

It is never easy to sell your car which is often termed complicated and cumbersome. But this can be reversed if you have done a proper research and set all documents ready. The following is a few tips to follow while you sell your car.

  1. Get the Car Inspected

    The first thing to do after deciding to sell your car is to take it to an authorised service centre and get it checked by a professional. Thus, you can be aware of all the issues your auto parts are facing and the issues that need to be fixed. A thorough examination will help you command a high price from the prospective buyer. 

  2. Put Your Records Straight 

    After the checkup get all your service records organised. This will show the buyers that the car has been well maintained and right intervals. Also, check as a seller if the extended warranty can still be availed and if it can be transferred to the buyer. 

  3. Clean Up

    Experts often emphasize the need for a deep cleaning and detailing as an important step to preparing your car for sale. Cosmetics do matter a lot when it comes to making a sale. 

  4. Take Your Shot

    Bring out the artist in you. take pictures of your car in flattering angles of both the exteriors and interiors. Make sure to keep the background simple and photograph as well as video graph the car. Also, high light the good as well as bad to gain authenticity.

  5. Include all the Goodies

    Include all paper works related to your car including manuals, handbooks, brochures that you have accumulated. Heaven knows your car might be a collectible. The paper works should also include your vehicles vehicle’s title and/or pink slip, vehicle registration and insurance card. If there is a pending balance on your car loan, contact your bank for information about the loan payoff and procedures for obtaining a clear title upon the sale of your vehicle.

  6. Get it Appraised

    Ask a local car dealer or used car manager and ask them to quote a price they expect. You can use this offer as a base price for your negotiations. Some dealers might even offer you a time-dependent appraisal and binding offer in writing. If that’s the case, you may use that too.
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