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Paint Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Automobile Shining For Long

Paint Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Automobile Shining For Long


We know your automobile is your best companion to travel with and you want to keep it shining prolonged. Thus comes the significance of paint maintenance of vehicles. If you want to keep your car as shiny as when you drove it out of the showroom, do check out the following tips.




Washing your car often is as imperative as your bath, if you need to preserve its shine. It is highly recommended that you should wash your car weekly. Also, you should use a pressure jet once a month to get rid of slime from the car, particularly from spaces like inside wheel arches, behind the mouldings, under the bumpers, etc. where there exists a huge chance of amassing dirt. It is advisable to keep the nozzle at a proper distance from the car surface when using a pressure jet as it may harm the paint and sheet metal. 


Bird Droppings


Bird droppings cause big trouble as they habitually leave marks on the front bumpers and bonnet. As they are acidic in nature, become a threat to corrosion of paint. You must instantly soak the dropping with water and then spray it away. They get dry up and forms cracks on the paint surface if left overlooked for some time. These days, explicit chemical solutions are available in the market that can be used to clean them. But be careful that you don’t spread these chemicals in bright sunlight as they dry fast and become tough to remove.




The regular waxing of your car is also a worthy idea as good quality wax maintains the shine for at least three to four months. A car wax provides natural shine to the vehicle and shields the paint too. Make sure that you have washed and dried your car before applying the wax. Covering the entire plastic parts before waxing is a must as they may form white shades. Always do waxing after parking your car in a shadowy area. Wax part by part by gently rubbing the sponge containing a small amount of wax or utilize a wax machine for this purpose. Make use of the car spare parts in Sharjah if you need to replace any car parts before waxing.


Scratches and Stone Chips Repairing


It’s very essential to examine the car for any sorts of scratches. These scratches can be fixed using some simple tools and spray paints. Please note that the scratches should be given attention whenever you find them, as they can result in metal corrosion and additional damage to the paint nearby the scratch. Before the application of spray paint, you need to wash and dry the car. After that, choose a spray paint that exactly matches your car, shake it well, take a very small amount in the cap, and finally start applying the paint to the scratched area with the help of a wooden stick. If any further replacements are needed for the vehicle, you can easily find the used spare parts in UAE.



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