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Never Use These Bad Car Habits On Your New Car

Never Use These Bad Car Habits On Your New Car


Congratulations on your new car. You have brought it after great research and thought and consultation. Here are a few tips for you to keeping your new car as new as possible.

Keep It Clean

There is nothing wrong in becoming borderline fanatical with keeping your new car spotless. While it is normal to miss a wash occasionally, don’t make it a habit. Anything from sunlight, rain, dust to even bird poop can wear down the new cars perfect finish. Be careful of the dirt that can accumulate and have your car washed a bunch of times each month, either at home or by a professional carwash facility.

Avoid Post-Market Accessories

Often, people tend to personalize their new car and make it their “own”. But be cautious of tweaks that cannot be undone.

Stay away from any add-ons that change the powertrain or safety equipment- this can become an issue if you want to avail the warranty. Even minor things like bumper stickers can leave a mar and bring down your cars value. Use things that can be easily thrown away like an air freshener or the classic fuzzy steering wheel cover.

Lessen the mess

Yes you have given your hard earned money to buy the car and you could do anything with it. But bear in mind that every time you take your dog off for a spin, light a cigarette or eat a burger, there is a possibility of causing interior damage. Also, eating while driving can be distractful and hence unsafe.

Inexperience Mechanic

It might always be tempting to cut corners by taking to a local workshop rather than an authorised one for the repairs. Show the same care and meticulousness in finding the right mechanic for your car that you showed while buying a new one. You can easily locate a factory trained mechanic who would use only the authorised auto spare parts in UAE.

Keep Track

Save all the paperwork related to the car in a safe place including the service records. The records would come in handy when you are trying to sell your car. You can also stay on top of the repairs that you have done on the vehicle and won’t be tricked into thinking that you have to fix something that is unnecessary.    



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