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How to Maintain Your Air Filters for a Smooth Drive

How to Maintain Your Air Filters for a Smooth Drive

Experts advise that the air filters should be regularly maintained every 3,000 KM. Under the right conditions, your car's air filters can last one to two years. Still, they need periodic replacement with the help of a Spare parts dealer in Sharjah. 


Regularly checking the cabin air filter is a simple precautionary measure that makes a huge difference in the overall maintenance of the car as well as the vehicle’s HVAC system.

The reason behind this is that, when the cabin air filter gets blocked, it can also affect the car’s heating and air conditioning system. If your auto repair mechanic checks the cooling system without first checking the cabin air filter, you will have to pay more for unnecessary repairs.

The crucial thing to bear in mind with any air filter maintenance is to always replace a soiled filter with a new one. Simply cleaning and reinstalling won’t do the job. 


A dirty cabin air filter can damage the air cooling system while a dirty engine filter can cause engine performance problems. Replacing a clogged filter can tremendously improve the mileage by ten percent. Clean airflow is critical for engine performance given that your engine can use more than 1000liters of air for every liter of fuel burned.


The point is a visual inspection of the air filter every 3k-6k can ensure the cleanliness and working condition of both cabin air filter and engine air intake filters.


The Common Signs of a Dirty Car Air Filter

A dirty car air filter can be easily noticed from the following 

  • Reduced Mileage
  • Unusual engine sounds
  • Reduced power
  • Check Engine Light on
  • Black smoke from the exhaust
  • Misfiring engine
  • A strong smell of petrol or diesel while starting 

If you experience any of the above and can’t understand the reason behind it, don’t forget to check the air filter and if soiled get it replaced.



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