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Know the right time to replace your car battery

Know the right time to replace your car battery

One of the most frequently overlooked automotive necessities is a battery. Only a small percentage of us maintain a proper maintenance schedule and pay attention to it. The battery starts the engine, and it's also what allows us to listen to music while we're on the way.

Maintaining the car battery will ensure that it functions smoothly and without any issues, just like changing the engine oil, all the filters, auto spare parts in Sharjah, or doing other regular maintenance.

But when is the ideal moment to replace the automobile battery after good maintenance?

The optimum time to replace your battery, to put it simply, is before you need it. But if the battery is not dead, how can you tell when it has to be replaced?

Come, let’s find out.

The signs of your car battery getting draining out

There are numerous methods for determining whether or not the battery is becoming loose.

You may observe these as the battery becomes weaker and can no longer maintain the charge:

·       Either the engine starts slowly or it doesn't start at all. The battery can't generate enough electricity to start the car.   

·       The dash lights either flicker or become dimmer than usual when the ignition is turned on.

·       While using the power windows, the engine abruptly shuts off, or the windows move much more slowly than usual.

·       When the engine is idling, the dash lights may be dull; nevertheless, as the engine is revved, they get brighter.

·       Another clear indication that the automobile battery is running low is a lot of corrosion or oxidation on the battery terminals.

·       A battery warning light that illuminates when the battery is low, is standard equipment in modern vehicles.

It's essential to get the battery replaced if you notice any of the listed issues before the old battery leaves you stranded.

How frequently your car needs a new battery?

The state of the automobile and the battery's maintenance will have a major impact on how long the battery lasts. But with regular care, the battery can last for 4 to 5 years on average. The life expectancy may be a little shorter in colder regions. In modern cars, it is advised to start paying attention to the aforementioned warning signs or the battery warning light after the battery has been in service for three years. Replace the battery if any of the warning signs appear to avoid having your car's electrical system damaged. There is, sadly, no other way to avoid having your car's battery changed.

Although replacing the batteries won't burn a huge hole in your wallets, failing to do so will. For new learners, it may leave you stuck and without assistance in a strange location.


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