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If Your Mechanic Tells You Any of These Things, it is Time to Look for Another

If Your Mechanic Tells You Any of These Things, it is Time to Look for Another


Nearly everyone has gone to a mechanic for the routine maintenance of their car or replacement of any auto spare parts in UAE only to look for another after seeing an exorbitant bill. Although most mechanics wish to help you by pointing out the issues with your car. But there are some who take you for a ride. If your mechanic says any of the following it is time for you to look for another.

1.      "You can use any kind of motor oil."

Some mechanics will tell you that any type of oil will do fine for your car, particularly if it is going to save you some money. Each oil has a different set of property and your vehicle is designed for a particular type of oil for optimum performance. Hence using the wrong type of oil is important for the longevity of your engine.  

2.      "I wouldn't drive that very far."

 Often this is just a scare tactic intended to get your authorization for repair. Most mechanics assume that people do not know anything about their cars or its working. So, they take advantage of the fear that the car will break down. If a mechanic is trying hard to convince you in this way, get another opinion right away.

 3.      "We should replace the entire thing."

 At times you might have to replace the entire exhaust system when something has gone awry. But on most occasions, a simple repair would be enough. So, if you fail an emissions test because there is an opening in your exhaust, you should search for another mechanic if you hear the words “entire”, “system”. At most instances this can be fixed by a simple weld or dab of sealant. There are mechanics who would do this for free if all it is required is a dash of sealant.

  4.      This part/repair cost more than we thought it would."

When you are about to pay you hear a cost that is way more than what is quoted in the estimate, something is definitely wrong. The mechanic might have made a wrong assumption on the costs, or the final paperwork. But this might be the case most of the time. 

Most shops will go with the original estimate for the sake of not losing the repeat business. They may offer a new estimate or discount for the mistake. But if the prices go up without any warning or disclosure the sign is that you should approach another mechanic.  


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