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Hazards of Using Fake Spare Parts

Hazards of Using Fake Spare Parts

A fake spare part is a duplicate part issued with the same specifications as the original manufacturer but low in quality at a much cheaper price. These are often manufactured without the knowledge or consent of the car manufacturer. Since it can be bought at cheap rates people often buy them without acknowledging the consequences of doing so. Here are a few hazards that would come from using fake spare parts.    

1.      Safety Hazard

Fake spare parts can often be a safety hazard. The alloys can crumble as soon as it hit the first bump in the road, the brake might not stop your car at the right time. The fake electrical spare parts in your engine might as well lead to a short circuit.  These are some instances that make fake auto spare parts outright dangerous.

 2.     Poor Quality

Since fake auto spare parts in UAE are often sold at low costs, the manufacturing companies compromise on quality and finish. Hence, they will not last longer. If they, do it would be a miracle.

 3.      Road Accidents

It is often reported that behind 2 in every 10 motor accidents in the country are the use of fake auto spare parts. When a fake part fails, it can have serious implications. The implication can go as far as grave injuries or even death.

 4.      Pose a threat to Other Vehicles.

 When you are using fake spare parts the systems in your vehicle won’t work at their productive best. As much as it is risky to you and your passengers, everyone else on the road might also be at risk.

 5.      False Economy

 Using fake spare parts sends you into a delusion that you have saved money. But in the longer haul, you would be doling out more money on frequent repairs and replacements. You will end up feeling that it would have been better to buy the original.


The above are just a few of the consequences that come out of using fake Auto spare parts in Sharjah. Hence do a double check on the spare parts seller and the quality of the spare part.




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