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5 Tips for a Safe Night Driving

5 Tips for a Safe Night Driving


Driving at night involves far more attentiveness than driving all through the day. You already know the roads look more beautiful at night as compared to the day and are rather empty too. But you should also understand that it is undoubtedly more dangerous as well. The chief difference between day and night driving is definitely the visibility. After sunset, our vision gets restricted by the low color contrast and the glare of headlights from nearing vehicles. Hence we must hang onto some thumb rules in mind to make our night drive pleasant as well as safe.


Check lights

The very first step you should do before a drive is to check on all the lights of the car to ensure that they are functioning well. From the brake lights, headlights, indicators to even fog lights and others shouldn’t be fused or murky as this will hinder the visibility of the driver. It would also miss alerting other automobiles near you of your presence. Make use of car spare parts in Sharjah while you feel like replacing the auto parts.


Rear-view mirrors

All the modern cars are now well-found with rear-view mirrors having day and night settings. You can alter the angle of the reflective surface utilizing these settings, which in turn benefits to avoid glare from the headlights of automobiles behind you. The ORVMs (Outside Rear-View Mirror/Wing Mirror) must also be tuned along with the rear-view mirror in such a way that high beams of headlights can’t blind the driver. In the case of any maintenance needed, you may readily avail the car spare parts in UAE.



Know the use of high beams and dippers

It is wise to use a high beam on a clear road, specifically if the lights on the road are dim. But you must avoid driving with a high beam in mobbed areas and blinding fellow drivers. When you see an automobile approaching, switching to a low beam is highly recommended even if the nearing driver doesn’t. Although other vehicles don’t lower their beam, never gaze into the lights as your vision could be blurred or cause fractional blindness. Try concentrating on the white line on the road to aid you to drive on your side of the road.



Learn to flash dipper

You must absorb the significance of flashing a dipper along with the use of the horn. We are very used to honking and possess a habit of overlooking it. You might have drunk drivers around you, so you need to be extra vigilant. Never blind approaching drivers by constantly flashing headlights, instead use your dipper only whenever you take a turn, overtake, or while you are at a crossing.


Avoid night drives while you are tired

It is better to avoid driving while you feel tired, but this rule should be shadowed strictly particularly during the night, as night driving needs a lot of focus and diligence. Whenever you feel drowsy, get off the main road for a quick break, then take a walk and give yourself a stretch. Don’t forget to cleanse your face and have some water. Be cautious, diligent, and drive safe.



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