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5 Must-Follow Car Care Tips for Summer

5 Must-Follow Car Care Tips for Summer


The road trip season is almost here as summer is around the corner. Summer heat, flurries of dust and dirt, and infrequent rain can all take a toll on the different systems of your car. Make your car ready to handle this scorching summer, running safely and smoothly with these essential services.

Tip #1: Change oil and oil filter of your Car

This is most essential if your previous oil change was a while ago, as extreme weather conditions can put extra strain on the oil and oil filter of your car. Oil works to retain your engine parts lubricated while the filter captures dangerous metal fragments, dirt, and debris that have wangled their way into the oil system. A clean filter picks up more material that you get cleaner oil in your car. Cleaner oil makes the engine healthier and happier!


Tip #2: Get your brakes examined

At the end of the day, is there any other thing more significant than good brakes in your car? Long road trips, stop-and-go traffic, and other rough conditions may have done a number on your brakes. If your brakes are making spooky noises or demanding more pressure, then you need to consider some fine-tuning for brakes and other auto spare parts in UAE.



Tip #3: Double-check your fluid levels

Seasonal weather changes can result in low power steering fluid, transmission fluid, coolant fluid, and even windshield wiper fluid, so get them all checked! Coolant fluid is specifically an imperative one to monitor before the summer heat gets hit. As per the Automotive Service Excellence reports, the supreme grounds of summer breakdowns is nothing other than overheating, which can hurt your auto spare parts in Sharjah.


Tip #4: Keep watch on tire pressure

Between thrashing hidden potholes and handling difficult roads, your tires need a good inspection. It is a fact that tires lose or gain pressure every day, subject to the outside temperature. Ensure your tires are appropriately inflated before hitting the road for a summer road voyage, as tires having low air pressure get worn out more promptly.

Tip #5: Test your Car battery

Summer heat hurries the rate of fluid loss and leads to the oxidation of battery constituents, which can leave you stuck without prior notice. You must understand that heat is the number one source of reduced life and failure of the car battery. So, never go on roads without testing your battery and make sure it is fit for a smooth drive.






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