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How Can Fake Auto Spare Parts Be Dangerous?

How Can Fake Auto Spare Parts Be Dangerous?

Original auto spare parts in Sharjah are made in accordance to the industry standards. Such parts are primarily good for the vehicles as they follow proper dimensions and standards making no mistakes. On the contrary, fake spare parts are meant to be cost effective to the manufacturers. It may look more or less the same but the cost cutting comes in the materials used to make the fake ones.

How can Fake Auto Spare Parts be Dangerous for You?

As mentioned earlier, counterfeit auto spare parts lack in quality. This essentially means that they can range in dangerous situations from simple failures to major hazards.

Let’s examine the various dangers closely.  

Risk of Engine Failure or Fire

Auto parts like spark plugs, drive belts, air filters, valves etc. are critical for the smooth functioning of the engine. Fake components can cause engine failures or at worse, a fire.

Windscreen Related Injuries

The OEM/OES referred wind screens stick to certain standards such as load-bearing capacity. On the other hand fake windscreens might not adhere to the same and can rack under load and even can injure the occupants.

Brake Failure

Brake pads is an important part of the brake system in a vehicle. A counterfeit brake pad usually wears out raggedly and on a rather quick speed. Also, if the quality is bad the fake brake pads can come off easily. This will lead to brake failure which can be dangerous.

Electrical Hazards

Major fire in cars are usually caused due to electrical component failure. The reason behind it would be the presence of fake or counterfeit electrical components.

Compromised Structural Integrity

Fake body panels is usually misaligned with the crumple zones and pillars of the vehicles. This means a threat to the passengers. Such panels or body parts can either lead to failure in the event of an accident or at worse lead to serious injuries.

Reduced Wheel Rigidity

Wheels bear the load of the whole vehicle and counterfeit ones tend to lose composure, especially under heavy loads. This can be dangerous, especially at high speeds.

As we all know that counterfeit auto spare parts in Sharjah, Dubai and in various part of UAE are growing faster than car and bike sales.


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