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The Top 5 Things That Can Drain Your Car’s Battery.

The Top 5 Things That Can Drain Your Car’s Battery.

One fine morning you walk up to the car to go to work. You turn on the ignition and then nothing. Your engine should have turned on- but instead nothing has moved, nor sound. You try harder, but it seems your battery is dead. Although not widely accepted, there are quite a few things that can drain your battery. Read on to learn more about the 5 most common reasons why your car battery may be dead.

Human Error

This is the most popular cause for total battery drainage. Often, people forget to turn off the headlights, or turn off the overhead driving light. Your battery will be exchanging power to your vehicle- until it is completely drained off.

This is still a quite common occurrence, despite the latest car warning system and automatic shut off lights. Even forgetting to close the door completely will be enough to keep the internal lights on draining of the battery. This can be fixed with a jump start, but regularly jump starting your car might sharply shorten the life of your car battery and it might die sooner than expected.

Parasitic Drain

Parasitic drain occurs when auto spare parts in UAE continue to receive power from your vehicle’s 12v system- even after the removal of the key. 

a small level of parasitic drain is normal because it needs power to save radio presets, keep the clock running, and operate the power locks and power doors.

But if your electrical system is defective then there is a probability that larger systems could be running even when the car is turned off- resulting in dead batteries.

 This is particularly common if you have third party accessories such as sensors and cameras. These most often does not automatically shut off and need a manual close.

A Defective Alternator

Another reason behind battery failure is attributed to the alternator.  At normal instances alternator supplies electrical power to primary systems, by transforming some engine power into electricity. This power is also used to recharge the 12v battery making sure that it has ample power to start the car.

If your alternator does not provide charge to your battery, it will drain repeatedly as you start your car- and eventually give out, making you jumpstart your vehicle.

If your battery keeps dying and there are other electrical issues such as flickering lights or strange, abnormal noises, you will have to get your car inspected by a mechanic.

Old, Worn-Out Battery

Batteries have a guarantee of only about 5 years. If your car battery is old, it may be on its death throes and unable to provide the power needed to start your engine.

Over long period of regular use, your battery goes through a lot of work. Plate corrosion loss of water and crumbling of lead acid plates are all common and can have a negative effect on the battery’s ability to hold charge.

So how to make sure that it is time to replace your old battery, just remove your battery take to the nearest auto spare parts shop in the UAE, and they will test it for you.

Loose Cables or Corrosion

Although you have just replaced your battery but if its still showing poor performance or need regular jump-starts, the culprit could be faulty installation and maintenance.

If the lead or connection wires to the battery are installed incorrectly and loose it can fail to deliver power, even if the battery is in perfect condition. Hence it is important to check if the leads are tightened properly.

Corrosion can also be the reason behind your electrical system failure. If there are ample amounts of blue fuzzy substances around your battery you should clean it off and see if your vehicle starts.

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