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Easy Car Management & Maintenance Tips for All

Easy Car Management & Maintenance Tips for All

Maintaining a car can take a good amount of time and be quite expensive. But regular maintenance can change course of a disappointment. Most roadside troubles can be attributed to owners being lazy in performing basic maintenance tasks. While major upkeeps can be outsourced to professionals, there are some simple, quick, and affordable tasks that can be done by yourself.

Regular Car Wash

Although heading to a car wash centre can bring out your car squeaking clean, a microfiber cloth at the discount store, a bucket, a hose, and a soap made specifically for use on cars can save you a few quarters.

A sprightly shining car will look good on the road and because cosmetics has a large role in car resale value, a well kept car might fetch you a decent amount when you resell the car and move to another brand new one.

Easily Fix Paint Scratches and Dents

Regular car wash can take you up close to the scratches and dents your car suffered. These chips and scratches can lead up to rust which no present and future owner wish to have on their vehicle.

Touch-up paint is the easiest way to stop further degradation if there are damages that go all the way through the pain to the metal body. Many car dealership service departments stock up on touch-up kits that will match the factory color of a particular car model and year. Many online retailers to sell such kits.

Regular Tire Checkup

Flat tires at the wrong time can be annoying as well as dangerous. Driving a car when the type pressure is too low can be damaging to the tyre wall and can even lead upto a blowout.

Choose a date of the month that is easy to remember or you could keep a reminder in the phone to check the tyre pressure and tread monthly. Or at best you can check the tyres while refueling including the spare if your car has one.

 Don’t Drive Keeping the Fuel Tank Empty

It is advisable to always keep your fuel tank at least one-quarter full and at best more than half full. Running out of fuel can be a potentially hazardous hassle, but regularly getting stranded with an empty fuel tank can lead to permanent damage of the fuel tank.

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