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Four Common Problems with Your Cooling System.

Four Common Problems with Your Cooling System.

The internal combustion process involves a mixture of gasoline and air making small explosions inside the engine to force on a piston to move your car forward. There are thousands of explosions taking place every single minute building up a lot of heat. The cooling system’s main purpose is to cool the engine. But cooling the engine is a humungous task considering the amount of heat a car generates. If too much heat builds up, it could collapse your engine. Hence it is extremely important to have a good, working cooling system. Here are four common problem that can occur with your cooling system.

Water Pump Failure

As your engine is placed beneath a giant metal hood for better aerodynamics and fuel efficiency, it used a set of hoses to reduce heat. Water circulates using a water pump powered by a pulley system that is run by your serpentine belt. During water pump failure, the water circulation, as well as the heat transfer, stops and the engine will quickly overheat.

Leaky Radiator Hoses

If any of the hoses in the water circulatory system springs a leak, besides not having enough pressure to complete the cycle, the water will eventually drain out. Radiator leaks can also result in sudden overheating, and as the water in these lines heats up and expands, they can make matters lot more worse, which results in the water draining out a lot faster. Radiator hoses becomes leaky as they age, so ask your auto parts dealer in UAE to change them periodically.

Radiator Leaks

A car radiator is a massive grid positioned just behind the front grill of your car. It is used to provide cooling to your cooling system after it absorbs heat from the engine taking in cooler air before circulating again through passages around the engine. In short, it is the heart of your cooling system. Hence, any leaks in your radiator seriously impacts its ability to cool your engine as well as the leaky radiator hose.

Failure in Thermostat

Another major problem for your cooling systems is a failed thermostat. Thermostat regulates the temperature of your engine and regulates the amount of coolant allowed to flow through your radiator.

When your engine picks up heat, the thermostat opens wide for maximum cooling and when the engine is cold the thermostat is closed which in turn warms up your engine to the optimal temperature. Whereas, a failed thermostat may not open, stopping heat dissipation resulting in an overheated engine.


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