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Car Tune up: Things you need to know

Car Tune up: Things you need to know

A car tune up is the service where auto parts are replaced to bring the ignition and fuel system to work with maximum efficiency. A tune up service comprises of two parts: the inspection and the actual tune up. This includes a detailed check of the engine’s fuel system components to ensure that the fuel filter as well as the fuel injector is clean and clear and that there are no damages to the fuel pump.

The auto parts uae such as spark plugs are inspected for its appearance and performance. It also includes checking the engine’s PCV valve, ignition timing, air filters, as well as oil and coolant levels.

The following are a few indicators to when you should get a car tune up.

  • Engine Lights: Whenever the little check engine lights blink on your dashboard don’t be tempted to ignore them because it might indicate a larger problem. If the engine lights blink takes your vehicle for a prompt servicing.

  • Stalling: While pressing on the accelerator if your car just lags there for a moment before starting to move could indicate a problem. It is not something that you should ignore. If at worse, stalling is dangerous on itself. 

  • Fuel: Watch out for fuel that you are filling at the pump. If you are running to the pump more often there should be something wrong.

  • Brake: If there is an issue with the brake it is a major safety concern and should be checked immediately. Brake issues might be due to different reasons, it might be as simple as a brake pedal that feels soft or spongy. Brakes making scraping or whining sounds are common symptoms of a failing brake system.
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