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Things to Know Before Buying A Used Car

Things to Know Before Buying A Used Car

Buying a used car can be the best option when looking for a good one without the burden of a high price tag.  Although a sensible option, buyers still need to make an informed decision when they are in the look out for their perfect buy. Here are a few things every user car buyer should know.

Test Drive

A test drive can help you determine the condition of the car and as well as its constituent auto parts, whether it suits your needs. Before starting the engine turn the key to the ‘accessory’ position to see all the dashboard warning lights. If they do not light up or stay the way it should be when the ignition is turned on, make sure the issue is checked before any commitment is made.

When you start the engine, listen closely for tapping and clicking sounds which may signify an issue. If possible, test drive on different roads and at different speeds to see if the transmission shifts smoothly. Also take note of any unusual engine or brake noises, and whether all the auto parts are in good working condition. 

Inspect the Car Inside Out

While inspecting the exterior of the vehicle look for scratches, dents, and rust. You can ignore small damages, but large ones are cause for concern. Experienced buyers also advice examining closely see that body panels line up evenly. This is because uneven panels might indicate that the vehicle was in an accident but not undergone any repair. 

Also, open, and close door, trunk, and hood to check for how well it moves and for paint over sprays inside to make sure that the colour matches on all parts. If you notice any overspray or mismatched paint, then it was likely repaired and repainted. 

Assess the interior by sitting in all the seats and look for any unusual wear and tear in the upholstery. If the interior gives a musty odour, check the carpet and floor mats for signs of a possible leak or water damage. 

Have a Professional Inspect It

A professional mechanic may see many issues that you might not notice. So have a trusted mechanic examine the vehicle. Most work shops do a pre-purchase inspection for a small fee and it is worth the trouble to avoid buying a car with major issues. If there are small fixable issues you can even use the report to negotiate a better purchase price.

Don’t Rush

To make sure that you are really buying a car that you like and suits your budget never rush into buying one. Take time to research and negotiate a fair price. There are a lot of information available online about the vehicle such whether there have been any recalls on it. Also, look up the VIN as well as the vehicle history report.

Following the above useful tips will come in handy while choosing a used car that meets your needs. Have a thorough understanding of your needs and your budget. 


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