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Things to Do Before Scrapping Your Car

Things to Do Before Scrapping Your Car

If your car is rusting in your garage, then you might be thinking what to do with it. Repairing may be out of question because the cost of repair can sometimes exceed cost of damaged vehicle. Here are a few things to do before scrapping your old car.

1.      Take Out All Your Personal And Valuable Belongings

It is common to forget your personal items in our cars and forget about for days and probably months on end. So, when you scrap your old car, make sure to remove all your valuable belongings from it. Go through each and every nook, corner and storage compartments.


The same goes with your valuables in your car. Make sure to remove starter motors, alternators, entertainment system and other expensive items that can be resold to other drivers or retailers having similar automobile models. 

 Also thoroughly, the wheels and battery. The tyres should be replaced with beat up ones. If your vehicle is not in a working conditions some dealers might refuse to purchase it. Even the fuel tank is also worth some good dollars, particularly if there is some fuel left in it. You can syphon it out using a syphon pump and ensure to store it safely in a tight container, so you can use it another vehicle. If you find it difficult, you can take the help of a mechanic in a garage in Sharjah.

  2.      Prepare the Necessary Documentation

Only shady dealers will offer to buy your junk car without any paper work of proof of ownership. So if you want to keep out of trouble prepare your vehicle title deed so that you can transfer the ownership to the dealer. So that you can avoid the trouble of being involved in any theft investigation.

  3.      Take off the license plates

When your vehicle retires from service, don’t assume that the license plates cease to be useful. In a number of states, removing the license plate upon transfer or title deed is a legal requirement. This is because when you apply for the cancellation of its title, the DMV will definitely ask for your license plates.

  4.       Cancel the vehicle’s insurance

If your car still has a valid insurance, make it a point to cancel it. This is to avoid any recurring payments prior to the expiration of the policy expires. You are eligible for a refund, in case you had made a full payment upfront. But be sure to notify your insurance company even though your coverage is nearing expiry.












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