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Basic Car Parts Every Car Owner Should Know About

Basic Car Parts Every Car Owner Should Know About

You should always take your vehicle to a service center if something seems to be off, but to understand it and have more in –depth discussions with your service technician you need to understand the basic parts of a car. Here are a list of basic parts that every car owner should know. 


Battery is a critical component which turns on the car. It provides the first jolt of electricity that is needed to boot the engine and other related electrical accessories. The battery converts chemical energy into electrical energy that is delivered to the starter to power up the engine. 

Majority of cars will have the battery under the hood which can be identified with – and + symbols. By any case you need to kick start your vehicle, you will have to connect the red clamp of the jumper cable to the + sign and black clamp to the –sign.


Alternator along with the battery is used to provide electricity to the vehicle’s electrical system. It generates electricity that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy by an AC current. As the car moves, the alternator uses mechanical energy to recharge the battery. Battery issues are often the result of overcharging from the alternator.


A vital component of the steering system Axles are attached to the wheels and support the weight of the vehicle, transfer power. It helps in movement, braking and turning. Latest models are equipped with a split axle, where each wheel on either side is connected to an independent shaft, making the drive a lot smoother and comfortable while improving cornering and traction which increases the life of tyres.

An axle’s disarray can be detected if they start making loud clunking noised. There will be severe vibrations as well especially when you turn or brake.


There are many components to your brake system such as the brake pedal, caliper, light switch, pad and rotor. In most of the cases when something is wrong with the brakes it is mostly due to something going wrong with the caliper, pad or rotor.

Brake calipers are generally found behind a wheel and can be either located in the front or rear of the car.  A worn down brake pads will cause a loud screeching noise every time you brake. Brake fluid is also a major component of the braking system. It aids in the hydraulic process that magnifies pressure required to slow down and stop your vehicle. 

Ultimately, there is the brake rotor which is located beside the caliper and pad and it is subjected to a great deal of heat each time you brake. Braking is damaged when the rotors begin break down. So replace rotors pair wise to be on the safe side. 


Radiators are responsible for the engine to cool down and prevents it from overheating. It requires enough quantities of engine coolant to ensure the engine temperature never rises too high.   

To avoid an overheating situation the coolant flows through the entire vehicle attracting heat and carries it away from the engine block to the radiator. The hot air passes through the radiator’s fans where air passes through the liquid, cooling it. Finally, the heat is let out away from the vehicle. 

AC Compressor

Located in the engine compartment it will be on either sides attached by a long drive belt. To provide cool throughout the vehicle the AC compressor cycles through Freon. For the AC to be working on full capacity, the compressor should be fully functional. If the compressor is damaged because of the absence of any cold air coming through the vents, and the compressor will make loud, annoying noises while in operation.


The muffler as the name suggests muffles noises arising from your car and forms part of your car’s exhaust system. It is located between the engine and the tailpipe. Rectify any muffler problems as soon as it is notices, because failure in total catalytic converter failure can result in costly repair bills.

Shock Absorbers

Shock absorbers absorbs the unstability or shocks while driving on uneven roads. The absorbers are placed on the bottom of your car. Immediate replacement is essential to avoid further wear and tear to your car’s suspension system.

Catalytic Converter  

Catalytic convertor which is part of the emissions system is used to reduce nitrous oxide, hydrocarbons, and carbon monoxide that is produced during the combustion process. Faulty catalytic converter will trigger a check engine light signal. 


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