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Authorised Service Centre VS. Local Mechanic

Authorised Service Centre VS. Local Mechanic

Many car owners face the dilemma of where to get their car serviced, at an authorised service centre or from a local mechanic.  There are several factors to be considered before picking one such as quality and cost of service, genuineness of spare parts, personal rapport with the mechanic. Both authorised service centre and the independent workshops offer both disadvantages and as well as advantages.

Why You Should Choose an Authorised Service Centre

  1. Warranty Issue:

    It is a no brainer to approach an authorised service centre if your car is under warranty.
  2. Technology:

    The latest vehicles are equipped with state-of-the-art electronic systems like ECU, fuel systems, ignition, and in-car entertainment systems. So, if you go to an authorised service centre there is a guarantee of good service.

  3. Resale Advantage:

    There are many advantages of servicing under an authorised centre especially for premium vehicles. Such service centres keep a detailed log on your service history which can be helpful when you try to sell your car.

  4. Certified Experts:

    If choosing a local service, you need to be careful while choosing the mechanic. Personally, supervising the mechanic is practically impossible because of time constraints and knowing the nuances of automobiles is not everybody’s forte.  Whereas authorised service centres have enough quality service engineers for your help.

Why You Should Choose an Independent Workshop

  1. Cheap Labour:

    For routine service like oil and filter change, visiting the local workshop will help you save a lot of money. Although cheap labour is the USP of local workshops you must ensure that that the spare parts used are genuine.

  2. Warranty Not an Issue:

    Many people have the wrong notion that servicing from the local workshop might lapse the warranty. But this is not always true. The key is to find a trustworthy mechanic. Also, post-warranty you can get your car serviced without creating a dent in your pocket.


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